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"Co-Work with Tramper Business"

If you are to look for a way to co-work with Netpas Tramper in your company, Netpas Tramper Business is the perfect solution for you. All the data (estimations, operations, vessel list, contract, address book) is saved in one place to be shared and edited by the users in your organization. Its powerful tools such as Contract Manager, Address Book and Vessel Manager will help your main workflow from Estimation to Operation and Balancing. You can set the different access permission to each menu/folder and each users with NIS Admin function, and see the statistics on your revenue and profit of your operation with various chart options.
  • Netpas Tramper Business


You can estimate the total profit and other important factors for your Voyage, Cargo Relet and Time Charter

Tramper Business estimation


Once your estimation is done, you can transfer it to Operation easily.

Tramper Business operation

Laytime Calculator

You can estimate and calculate the Demurrage and Despatch money for your voyage.

Laytime Calculator

Tramper Vessel Monitor

At the stage of operation, you can monitor your vessels positions and moves on the map with satellite AIS.

Tramper Vessel Monitor

Revenue and Profit (Statistics)

You can make the statistics table and chart on your revenue and profit with various view option

Revenue and Profit Statistic

Invoice (Balancing)

You can organize all of your financial details during Operation with issuing invoices and check out your finance status at a glance on daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Performance Record (Vessel Manager)

You can save and manage your vessel data including vessel details , vessel performance and voyage summary.

Performance Record

Manage CII (Carbon Intensity Indicator)

Calculate and simulate the CII rating of your voyage during your Estimation and Operation.
Your CII ratings during Operation is automatically saved and collected for you to manage your vessel’s annual CII rating (A to E)
and easily compare its performance with other years’.  

Performance Record

Powerful Tools


You can manage your contracts of the company and bring out the contracts from Estimation and Operation.

Netpas Contract

Address Book

The address book is specialized in maritime business which is based on the company not on individual. It is to be shared by users which would enable them to co-work. Multiple PIC can be assigned for one company and alias can be used when the company name changed. You can import the address book from Outlook and Google account.

Tramper Business address book

Port DA

The Port DA record auto saved from your operation files and manually recorded are available for your future reference. Port DA is to be shared by users.


Choose the place where your data are saved

You can choose where to save your data in your local office server or Netpas Cloud server. Simply install NIS (Netpas Intra Server) on 1 PC in your office or just use Netpas Cloud server(Amazon Web Service), and Tramper Business (Client Software) on each user’s PC.
Netpas Tramper Business

* Local Sever Hardware Specification

Suggested Requirements (4-5 users basis)

  • · Ram = 16 GB or higher 
  • · Space = HDD(Hard Disk Drive) 10 GB free space or higher
  • · OS = Window 10 / Windows 11 / Windows Server 2016 or later

* Netpas Cloud Server

  • · All data is encrypted when saved
  • · It is provided for free up to 3 GB per company

Local Sever VS. Cloud Sever

Local Server Cloud Server
Server or PC machine Need No Need
Data Location User's place Netpas cloud server in AWS
Data Backup User Netpas
Data Encryption Yes Yes
Server install and management User Netpas
User and folder management User User
Vessel Monitoring (AIS) No Yes
Server Fee Free Free up to 3 GB


  • - Help your workflow thoroughly from Estimation to Operation to Final
  • - Perfect tool to co-work with Contract, Address, Vessel Data, Port DA functions and Balancing.
  • - You can issue your invoices and check out your financial status on daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • - ERP specialized in Chartering and Operation.
  • - Incredibly low price but highly functional compare to other Maritime ERP in the market
  • - You can choose the server type as per your needs: local server in your company or Netpas cloud sever

Netpas Tramper Business License Policy

[ Recommended H/W Spec ]
CPU : Intel i5 or higher / RAM : 16GB or higher

[ Minimum H/W Spec ]
CPU : Intel i3 or higher / RAM : 8GB or higher

Free Trial

Please contact to activate trial. FREE TRIAL /
First 1 month
Daily limit : 150 Get Distance

Commercial User

If you purchase your license,
you are a commercial user.
62.42 USD /
1 Month
ANNUAL upfront payment required
Daily limit : 150 Get Distance

How to get Free Trial?

Step1. Create Netpas ID

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Step2. Contact

Free Trail User Information Free trial user doesn't need license key.

How to use

Netpas Tramper Business Demo
Netpas Tramper Business Cloud Server Demo

Netpas Tramper Business Demo

Netpas Tramper Business Cloud Server Demo