Netpas Estimator Quick Help

5. Sync with Port Rotation

1. "Cargo" section and "Port Rotation" section will be synced.
2. Once you edit the Quantity of "Cargo" section & L/D Rate of "Port Rotation" section, Port Rotation's Port days(I/W) & Demurrage & Despatch will be calculated automatically.
3. "Cargo Quantity" in Laytime Calculator box and Quantity of "Cargo" section will be synced.
4. Once you edit the Port Name at "Port Rotation" section, it will be applied to "Cargo" section Port Name too.
5. If you delete the any Loading Port or Discharging Port at "Cargo" section, all of the record will be deleted.
6. You are not able to delete "Port Name or Coordinates" in "Port Rotation" section, only able to delete in "Cargo" section.
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neQuick Help Image