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1 missing port may miss $1 million deal

Netpas Distance

World's the largest number of ports and distances.

Only Netpas provide coordinates to coordinates distance.

More than 10 extremely essential tools.

Mobile Distance in your hands

Distance Mobile

Respond to your client anywhere, anytime.

Make, save and send simple estimation.

Build strong competitiveness.

Dominate deal with jokers

Netpas Estimator

Freight simulator gives you the best profit.

Analyzing tool gives you more power in negotiation.

It helps your correct and speedy decision.

Hire your personal EMAIL organizer

Maritime Mail Analyzer

The world's first revolutionary maritime mail analyzer.

Don't waste time and cost in searching, matching,
  arranging tonnage and cargo offers.

Incredibly most wanted solution ever.




Cargo & Tonnage
Mail Analyzing



Pre Sales






Fleet Managing



Operation & Result


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