Netpas Estimator Quick Help

2. Main Page Help

- Wave the cursor over one of the icon, every icon pops up text summary.

3. Vessel Particular

- This is a Vessel Particular in Vessel List.
- Can make Specific Vessel Particular.
- Can print & send to other users.

4. Vessel Manager

- You can share your vessel list with your colleagues and customers.
- Click the "Vessel Manager", it pops up new window. And Click the "Share Manager"

5. Sync with Port Rotation

- Cargo section and "Port Rotation" section will be synced.
- Please refer to below.
- Please refer to the help documnets below.

6. Loadable Quantity

- Provides Grain / Bale Loadable Quantity.
- Can calculate accurate Loadable Quantity by considering "Vessel Draft", loading "Port Draft", discharging "Port Draft".

7. LT(BT) Charge

- Provides "LT(BT) Charge Calculation".
- Select either "Lumpsum" or "Detail".
- Can get "LT(BT) Charge" after inputting "LT(BT) Rate of discharging/loading Port".
- LT(BT) Rate is valid until the next calculation.

8. (S)ECA (Sulphur Emission Control Area)

- it shows (S)ECA distance and (S)ECA area on the map.
- You can calculate LSDO and LSFO.

9. Laytime (Dem/Des) Calculator

- This provides Demurrage and Dispatch calculation.
- You can choose one between Lump Sum and Details.
- This supports SHEX EIU / SHEX UU / SHINC conditions.

10. Port Charge

- Provides How to calculate "Port Charge".
- Select either "Lumpsum" or "Detail".
- Items will be valid until next input.

12. To Distance

- See the vessel route on the map (Netpas Distance).
- You can freely change your own route on the map.
- You can modify your own route on Netpas Distance( the map) and apply changing route to Netpas Estimator.

13. CEV Calculator

- You can choose Great Circle Line or Rhumbline points.
- Please click the "Great Circle Line" on the map.
- If you choses "Rhumbline points", it shows changing distance.

14. Estimation Analyzer

- Provides How to calculate "Port Charge".
- Select either "Lumpsum" or "Detail".
- Items will be valid until next input.

16. Bunker Simulator

- It separately calculates (S)ECA distance, LSDO and LSFO. It proves more accurate bunker consumption data.
- It compares the full speed to eco speed, and tells good profit.
- Click the "Bunker Simulator".

17. Save Estimation Sheet as Excel File

- When inputting C/E/V in contract condition, it is calculated per duration