Netpas Estimator Quick Help

1. Main Page Description

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1-1. Estimation File Name, Version and Netpas ID

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1-2. Main Menu Bar

An explanatory text box pops up for explanation when placing the cursor on each icon.
Some of the main menus are as below:
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A. New: to create a new Workbook, or new Voyage Sheet, or Cargo Relet Sheet
B. Open Workbook and Recent Files : to search for workbook you saved or the recent file you’ve worked on
C. Save and Save As: to save or to save as your workbook
D. Export to Excel and to PDF file: to export your workbook in Excel file or PDF file format
E. Send to Email : to send the work book as attachment or PDF file
F. Print: to print out a single or multi sheets
G. Vessel Manager: to search and edit your vessels from your vessel list.
H. Result Plus: to check out more information on your result.
I. Estimation Analyzer: to estimate by freight, hire and quantity
J. Loadable Quantity Calculator: to calculate the loadable quantity by Grain/Bale or MT
K. Freight Simulator: to simulate the daily and total profit expected
L. Anti Piracy Route: to choose your route by Anti Piracy Options
M. Bunker Simulator: to simulate your bunker consumption
N. Bunker Information: to check out the updated bunker prices for major ports
O. Netpas Weather Service: to check out the weather for your voyage

1-3. Add/Delete/Duplicate Sheets & Switch Sheets between Voyage and Cargo Relet

- You can add/delete/duplicate sheets easily.
- The Voyage and Cargo Relet Estimation sheets can be copied from/to each other very easily.
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1-4. Vessel Particular Section

Input your vessel particular details with DWT, Draft, speed, fuel consumption, and etc.
You can also bring out the vessel list from Vessel Manager.

1-5. Cargo Section

A. Voyage Estimator

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Input your cargo details with quantity, freight, commission, brokerage, freight tax and liner terms.
These data will be applied to Operation Expense automatically. It can be synced with Port Rotation.
The Loadable Quantity Calculator and Freight Simulator are available for you conveniences.

B. Cargo Relet Estimator

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Input the contractual details including Freight, Address Commission, Brokerage Commission and Liner Terms to be paid
by Charterers if any, both of Head CP and Sub CP. 
These data will be applied to Result section automatically.
The loading and discharging port will be applied to Port Rotation section automatically.

1-6. Port Rotation Section

A. Voyage Estimator

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Input your ports and click "Get Distance (F9)". The total duration will be calculated and shown by Netpas Distance.
If you click "To Distance(F10)", it automatically moves to Netpas Distance map and shows your vessel route.
You can calculate Dem / Des at "L/D Rate".
If you input departure or arrival time, the rest of the blanks will be calculated automatically.

B. Cargo Relet Estimator

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You can calculate Dem / Des at "L/D Rate" both for Head CP and Sub CP.
The port days shall be applied based on Sub CP automatically.

1-7. Operation Expense Section

The expenses calculated at Cargo and Port Rotation sections are applied automatically. You can input other expenses.

1-8. Bunker Expenses

Input current bunker price. Total price will be applied to Operation Expense section. Click "Bunker Simulator".
It shows detailed bunker information. You can get the info about LSFO, LSDO, FO, DO, etc.

1-9. Result

A. Voyage Estimator

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Input daily hire and address commission. You will get Charter Base and Profit of the estimation with Total Revenue and Total Expense. .

B. Cargo Relet Estimator

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Income from Head CP and cost from Sub CP are calculated automatically and shows the profit.